Our Mission

We are on a mission to help people suffering from any sleep disorder through the latest advancements in neurotechnology.


Drowzee has created the first consumer-grade EEG device for sleep improvement and a SW that runs on mobile technologies (Drowzee) which gathers data from an EEG headset and provides personalised feedback to every user.

Meet The Team


Håkon Krogh
CEO & Co-Founder


Eidan Tzdaka
CTO & Co-Founder


Noreen Zafar
Sales & Marketing


Rakesh Lamani
Full Stack Developer

Our Innovation

Innovative solution to everyday problem

Drowzee is riding the wave of the growing sleep tech market and is developing a new product, the Pendulum, which helps people improve their sleep through mental training. Unlike competitors, Drowzee provides a solution that goes far beyond other sleep products, as it combines brain training and sleep monitoring and is designed for medical approval.

What Differs Drowzee?

Brain Training

Through Pendulum EEG Headset in combination of Pendulum software, we allow our users to train their brain to sleep better with the help of neurofeedback sessions designed to achieve slow wave neuron patterns. 

Neurofeedback Data

The algorithm look for audio ques that help create a cognitive layer for your brain to understand when you get drowzee and use that data  to understand the various ways that can change your sleep.

Personalised Sleep Schedules

The data gathered through your sessions with Pendulum headset and your daily activity monitored through Pendulum mobile app allows our algorithm to generate personalised sleep schedules for you for deep sleep.

Connectivity with Other Devices

With Pendulum Software you are not limited with options. Our mobile application is built in such a way that it can be synced with any health wearable device that you already own.