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The Future of
Brain Training

Ever wondered what goes inside your brain when you hear a soothing soundtrack or listen to your favorite song?

How your neurons react and perceive different sounds to make you feel relaxed or get you anxious?

Drowzee provides neurofeedback training for sleep improvement, with a view to reduce mental distress and enhance sleep quality. Unlike competitors, Drowzee provides a solution that goes far beyond other sleep monitoring, as it combines it with advanced brain training.

Relax Your Mind and Body

Enter the Zen state of mind with calming soundscapes.

Manage Stress and Sleep

Track changes in your sleep and stress levels

Connect with other Devices

Connect your Drowzee app with Fitbit or other devices

Improve the quality of life

Start living a healthier and happier life

Analyse your Brain Data

Learn how well you did in every session.

Share it with your friends

Share your progress with your friends and family.

Receive Personalised Recommendations

Get personalized sleep schedule based on results

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Personal Trainer for your brain

EEG Headset

The EEG Headband in combination with the Pendulum App allows users to conduct brain training sessions for sleep training.

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Drowzee Sleep & Relaxation

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Thomas, Participant of NordSleep Study

I would have liked to keep the Pendulum for longer. It helped me relax during stressful days.

Webjorn, Participant of NordSleep Study

With Pendulum, I am finally able to relax and sleep better.


Nimra, Participant of Drowzee Sleep Study

I can finally sleep for 7 hours without waking up. The device helped me achieve more relaxed mindset and be more focused.

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