Dive Into the New Age of Neurofeedback Training

Ever wondered what goes inside your brain when you hear a soothing soundtrack or listen to your favorite song?


How your neurons react and perceive different sounds to make you feel relaxed or get you anxious?

We integrate with your ecosystem

Drowzee has developed a unique approach to provide remote neurofeedback training for sleep improvement, with a view to reduce mental distress and enhance sleep quality. Unlike competitors, Drowzee provides a solution that goes far beyond other sleep monitoring, as it combines it with advanced brain training.

Personalised Sleep Schedules

The data gathered through your sessions with Pendulum headset and your daily activity monitored through Pendulum mobile app allows our algorithm to generate personalised sleep schedules for you for deep sleep.

Brain Training

Through Pendulum EEG Headset in combination of Pendulum software, we allow our users to train their brain to sleep better with the help of neurofeedback sessions designed to achieve slow wave neuron patterns. 

Neurofeedback Data

The algorithm look for audio ques that help create a cognitive layer for your brain to understand when you get drowzee during your session and use that data  to understand the various ways through which you can change your behaviour towards sleep.

Connectivity with Other Devices

With Pendulum Software you are not limited with options. Our mobile application is built in such a way that it can be synced with any health wearable device that you already own. Just sync the two things together and you have a smart watch connected to your Pendulum app, providing you personalised plan.