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Sleep reprogramming

Welcome to the next phase of your training. You have now kept a sleep diary for 2 weeks. It is a very good starting point for the road ahead.


Next step

In order to use the neural headband you'll need an Andriod-phone to download the Drowzee-app. Follow the instructions on your phone to install it or watch the short instructional video below.

How to use it


We recommend that you do one session per day. The optimal time is during the afternoon/evening. Here's how to do it:


  1. Find a place to sit or lay down comfortably. Rest against your neck so the headband is free from pressure. 

  2. Make sure the battery is inserted into the headband. Put it on your head.

  3. We recommend using earplugs connected to your cell phone to have the best experience.

  4. Start the application and follow the instructions.

Every session lasts about 15 minutes. During a session you will be able to explore different mental and physical states where you are completely relaxed. Listen yo the sounds and music and let it act as a guide.

What to expect

It takes time to create new neural patterns. With the headband you'll get to practice getting into a deep relaxed mental state 15 minutes per day. This is done by regulating internal noise and emotions. In addition, you'll get help identifying external factors impacting your sleep. Over time, this will strengthen your own ability to replicate these patterns and your body's ability to calm down at night.

What the headband does

The headband measures two different types of signals:

  • Brain activity - Mental relaxation or tension.

  • Physical activity - Head movements, jaw clenching, eye blinks.


  • In order to pick up brain activity, the headband needs to be extremely sensitive. Because of this, sometimes, it might need some adjustment to get a clear signal. A lot of hair can prevent a good signal. Hair knitting can help. The electrodes should be as close to the skin as possible.

  • The battery has 16 hours of charge. If there's no green LED on your headband when the battery is placed, it needs charging. You can check the charge in the menu of the app.

  • The headband was made elastic so it's more comfortable to have on. If it is stretched while not in use it can become loose. Make sure it is not stretched when in the box. You can tighten and loosen the strap by adjusting the tightening mechanism.

If you have long hair, you may want to use a hair knit.

We hope you enjoy your neural reprogramming!

If you need any assistance along your journey, please contact zzz@drowzee.com