The bear, the wolf, the lion or the dolphin: what is your archetypal animal at bedtime?

Each of us has a chronotype that is usually two: the owl or the lark. Now, an expert has added these other four that are definitive

Life is no longer just divided between owls and larks, the metaphorical division used by experts to distinguish between diurnal people (their peak of activity occurs during the day) and nocturnal people (more active when the sun goes down).

Michael Breus, a sleep psychologist and member of the American Board of Sleep Medicine and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, has brought to the table a new division based on the concept related to circadian rhythms. Although on this occasion there are four animals: dolphin, lion, bear and wolf .

The system proposed by the psychologist Michael Breus leaves behind the division of owl and lark”

Breus's theory goes beyond the simple fact of establishing this division. The psychologist considers that the key to resting well is knowing what type we are and knowing how to adapt to it . In this way we will learn to take advantage of the hours of the day and obtain other benefits such as improving our mood, being more creative or solving problems better, as he explains in a Daily Mail article.

The dolphin

These aquatic mammals sleep with half their brains awake to keep an eye out for possible danger. For Breus, people who fall into this category are those who are very light sleepers, who wake up at the slightest noise and may even have insomnia problems. They tend to be perfectionists, nervous and irritable, as well as affectionate and friendly. They also try to avoid conflicts at all costs.

People who correspond to the dolphin usually sleep little and badly

For the dolphins to get the most out of the rest and make the most of the day they must:

  • They must fight against fatigue and get up at 6:30 in the morning

  • Breakfast should be between seven and nine, and should have more protein than carbohydrates

  • You should not skip any meal and the midday snack should be done between 12 and one

  • His hours of greatest intellectual capacity are between four and six in the afternoon

  • Dinner is early, between 7:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. And if in the morning it was protein, at night it is the turn of carbohydrates . The expert adds that after dinner is the best time for sex

  • After dinner comes the break. It is when the dolphins have a little over an hour to relax, watch TV, read or have a drink. Bedtime will be 23:30 .

The lion

The lion usually wakes up before the sun rises

Before the sun rises above the horizon line in the savannah, the lions open their eyes to take advantage of the fact that their possible prey are still sleepy and thus be able to hunt them more easily. It is not difficult to suppose that, according to Breus's theory, this animal represents early risers .

The 'kings and queens of the animal world' are -Breus indicates- born leaders, analytical and enterprising people. In addition, they usually have a balanced diet. If you have to look for a 'negative side', Breus explains that being such early risers they tend to miss the hours in which others interact, which is usually in the afternoon. To get the most out of your performance you should:

The 'kings and queens of the animal world' are -indicates Breus- born leaders, analytical and enterprising people”
  • Get up between 5:30 and six and have breakfast . The morning is the optimal time for sex, your libido is higher during the first hours of the day

  • The brain also works better in the morning, according to Breus, the best time to work is between 7:30 a.m. and 10 a.m.

  • Food arrives at noon. The psychologist recommends avoiding carbohydrates, because they produce sleep, the last thing a lion needs that is already beginning to notice the hours he has been awake

  • There's still a day to go. So, to recharge energy, the best time to play sports is between 5 and 6:30 p.m.

  • An hour later dinner arrives and, even if you want to hug the pillow right after, you must wait and do a little social life until 10:00 p.m.


People who match bears usually work with the rhythm of the sun.

The solar cycle governs the rhythm of activity of bears and their associated human profiles. They are those people who need to sleep eight full hours, they like to eat and snack between meals, which means they are somewhat overweight. Their personality is open-minded, outgoing and they are loyal friends. This should be your archetypal schedule:

  • The bear is the typical person who hits the 'snooze' button. However, what you need to do is get up on the first alarm to have breakfast between 7:30 p.m. and 9 a.m.

  • His most productive time of day is between 10 and 12. It is also when hunger usually enters, but the psychologist recommends doing some exercise before eating

  • Another good time to go to the gym is between six and seven, after a nap. Dinner will not arrive until 8pm and then they have a moment to enjoy with friends, family or alone. Eleven o'clock is usually the perfect time to sleep and thus have the desired eight hours of sleep

The Wolves

The wolf is the most late night

Wolves are able to stay on edge until midnight with no problem. They like risk, are more promiscuous and are more likely to have unhealthy habits. They are also creative and fun, although they are more prone to anxiety disorders and depression. To get the most out of your day you should follow these guidelines:

  • Even if it's hard for them, they should try not to lie in bed when the alarm clock rings at 7:30. And breakfast is important

  • Their brain starts to be more active after 10, so during those hours they should avoid going back to bed to sleep

  • Until 13 they are not fully active, at which time the expert recommends that they eat to take advantage of their most productive hours between 16 and 18

  • After work, it's time to exercise and at 20 it's time for dinner, without overeating so as not to end the day full

  • Between 21 and 23 they present their best mood , perfect to enjoy sex. After a shower and when the clock strikes 12:30 it's time to sleep

A good rest is essential for the proper functioning of the body

However, Ferran Barbé, chief physician of the Pulmonology service at the Arnau de Vilanova hospital (Lleida) and director of the Center for Biomedical Research in the Respiratory Diseases Network (Ciberes), explains that the problem of sleep does not lie so much in schedules and behaviors , but in the fact of having a good rest: “If people sleep well, they will enjoy a better quality of life, they will be happier and they will perform better at work”, he concludes.

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