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Trondheim, Norway

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Sleep reprogramming

Sleep is a complex process and influenced by many factors. In today's society, sleep deprivation has become an epidemic.


Drowzee have developed a new program to digitally retrain your sleep. No drugs, only human improvement. Learn what it takes to sleep well.

How it works

With a neural headband that records brain activity, you will through daily session get conscious and subconscious training of 3 main areas.


Conscious and unconscious habits and patterns of action are the basis for improving sleep. We help you identify and change these over time.


Your surroundings when you sleep are critical for high-quality restitution. We help you identify these factors and help find solutions.


In order to fall asleep at night and sleep well through the night, you need the right mentality. We help you figure out what works for YOU.

8 weeks
10 490 NOK
  • Neural headband.

  • Drowzee app.

  • System sleep logging.

  • 4 weeks training.

  • 4 weeks logging.

12 weeks
12 490 NOK
  • Neural headband.

  • Drowzee app.

  • System sleep logging.

  • 4 weeks training.

  • 4 weeks logging.

15 minutes each day

You put on the headband and earplugs and will be guided through a journey of sounds that responds to your brain activity.


As with all training, effort and dedication are required for you to make an improvement.


We offer you the tool to help you reprogram your sleep code.

Intuitive follow-up

Through the program you you'll use a digital sleep diary. This enables follow-up during training.

Dangers of poor sleep

Many people live long lives with poor sleep. It impacts well-being, relationships and risk of serious illnesses.


It affects your overall quality of life, enjoyment and the people around you.


Invest in your sleep.


Investments in your sleep gives you lifelong returns.