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Welcome to Drowzeeverse

What is


Drowzeeverse is a collaboration of Drowzee with crypto verse to help its users not just get better sleep but to also have some fun with it.

How does it work?

It is fairly simple. When you buy an EEG headset from Drowzee, we invest a certain percentage of your payment in crypto.

For every session you conduct on Pendulum app for Neurofeedback Training, you unlock some coins that are added into your Drowzee Wallet.

The more session you conduct, the more coins you unlock. 

Based on the market rate of crypto, you get X amount of profit for every coin, which you can either withdraw or reinvest for more coins.

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It's As Easy As It Looks


Become a part of the our Pendulum Journey through our EEG Headset and Mobile application


A certain percentage of your payment for Pendulum headset and app will be invested in crypto by Drowzee.


Conduct daily sessions using Pendulum mobile application to unlock your Drowzee coins.

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Sleep-walk into the world of crypto with Drowzee