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The future of brain training is here.

The Pendulum headset and application is designed to train your brain for better sleep.

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The Advanced Features of


The EEG Headband in combination with the Pendulum App allows users to conduct brain training sessions for sleep training.

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The Pendulum application allows users to conduct brain training sessions, track their progress, maintain a sleep diary and become a part of Drowzee community to receive personalised sleep schedules and unlock other exciting features.

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The Pendulum app has a variety of custom built soundscapes developed on the idea of closed-loop training of the brain alongwith the concept of neurofeedback. 

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During each session, the Pendulum algorithm receives live data from EEG Headset and understanding the various frequencies of your brain and triggers rewards when you achieve optimal level of drowsiness. 

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The app provides you with every session information and reward points you received during the session. This information alongwith your brain frequency data in the algorithm helps create a personalised sleep plan to achieve optimal sleep efficiency score every night.

Strengthen Your Brain, One Session at a time

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